Born in Bogot√°, Colombia; South America. Daughter of the Afro-Colombian composer and musician Hansel Camacho.


She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina in 2015.

In her works Belinda captures and expresses emotions that come from her ancestral and current cultural environment. The message in the emotions that Belinda wants to show to the public require a vast color palette and a palette knife  technique. This approach on a large size canvas, gives Belinda  the ability to relate with the viewer a much more intimate way.


Her work has been exhibited in collective exhibitions like” Beautiful Woman” or “Pinceles, Trazos, Rimaz y Versos”  as well as mentions in specialized magazines like “Divine Voice Magazine” and “MobsNet”.


Belinda is currently working on commissions and is creating a collection for future exhibitions.